Our writers are in a unique position to prescribe policy solutions for the challenges facing the millennial generation. These solutions are now available, free of charge, in Young Voices’ first  e-book: A Future for Millenials – Policies that can Restore Prosperity.

But don’t just take our word for it, here’s Reason Magazine’s Elizabeth Nolen Brown:

“In Policy Challenges for the Millennial Generation, millennial scholars, policy analysts, writers, and advocates delve into some of these unique opportunities, and puzzles posed to and by their peers. They explore how libertyminded lawmakers, activists, and others with a stake in influencing millennials might harness the expectations and power of this generation – now larger than the baby boomers, and the most educated and ethnically diverse in America to date.”

Download your copy of this free e-book below. 


As a policy project of the international nonprofit Students For Liberty, Young Voices aims to give a voice to the brightest young policy minds of the classical liberal tradition. With over 70 writers in more  than 20 countries, we are perhaps the most  diverse policy project in the modern libertarian network.

In this collection of 13 essays, Young Voices’ top Advocates, and a collection of guest authors, propose the innovative solutions required to ensure a future of freedom for millennials and the generations to come. From free speech to the sharing economy and everything in between, this compilation is a great way to take  the pulse of millennial libertarians.


By Casey Given
By Elizabeth Nolan Brown
Twilight on the Electronic Frontier: Why Millennials Will Drive the New Digital Age
By Ryan Hagemann
Libertarianism and Criminal Law: Crimes, Police Militarization, and Personal Freedom
By Randal John Meyer
The Case for Reforming U.S. Student Visa Policy
By Matthew La Corte
Beyond Harm-Reduction: Creating a Positive Drug Culture through Legalization
By Daniel Takash
Uber: The Promise of Entrepreneurship, and the Burdens of Over-Regulation
By Jared Meyer
Police Brutality: Its Causes and Solutions
By Cory Massimino
The Renting Generation
By Nick Zaiac
Liberalizing Securities Regulation: How to Boost Startups and Democratize Capital Markets
By Ari Blask
Un-Breaking the Welfare State
By Charles Hughes
Dealing with the Debt
By Harry Riegel
Let Healthcare Innovation Flourish
By Tom Capone
The Regressive Effects of Public Education
By Rachel Reese
Campus Free Speech and the Culture of Conformity
By John Slater