Young Voices just finished a busy weekend networking with hundreds of students at LibertyCon in Washington, DC. Here’s what we did:

  • Public Relations Manager Stephen Kent conducted mock interviews for attendees passing by Young Voices’ table in the exhibit hall, giving them a taste of the media mentorship we provide for our 50+ Advocates across the country.
  • Managing Editor Liz Wolfe appeared on Students For Liberty’s “Women in Media” panel with an all-star lineup including Katharine Mangu-Ward (Reason), Mary Katherine Ham (CNN), and Kat Timpf (Fox News), giving advice to liberty-loving ladies on how to spread the message far and wide.
  • Yours truly teamed up with the American Media Council’s Pagona Stratoudakis for a session where we talked about creative ways our organizations are reaching the masses. AMC is developing public service announcements for several partners in the liberty movement like Young Voices, and we played a preview of our PSA for this first time in public.
  • Young Voices’ Advocates, staff, and friends met up for happy hour Saturday afternoon to raise a toast to liberty. As a virtual organization, it’s rare that so many of our writers are in the same room together— let alone the same city. So, it was a real treat to take this group photo:

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