In the latest piece by Jane Coaston of Vox “Why some conservatives want to regulate Facebook and Twitter”, Young Voices spokesperson Stephen Kent was quoted on how the dynamic shifted away from free markets and toward government interference.

I spoke with Stephen Kent, a spokesperson for Young Voices, a libertarian-leaning PR firm, who told me that the removal of conservative-aligned videos from YouTube (and the resulting lawsuit) marked a turning point for him and many others. “There was a new sense that reasonable, mellow packaging of conservative ideas into video content would be scrutinized no differently than that of a hate group on YouTube. Our political discourse takes a major hit when tech companies get it wrong on content moderation.”

As Kent, of Young Voices, said: “To embrace that line of thinking means accepting that Facebook, Google, and Twitter are the present and future of social media. You’d have to disregard all the scenarios in which these companies eventually decline or get edged out of the market by new innovations and unforeseen shifts in consumer preferences.”